Tips for New Entrants
Below is some guidance for first time entrants, for any further assistance contact or call 03300 969 819
Class 1 & 2 – To enter the IRC classes you must submit a copy of your up to date rating certificate.
If you are entering the handicap classes you will need to look up the details of your boat from the RYA list. You must have a sail number and all entrants must be members of an RYA affiliated yacht club. Indicate whether you will be entering the spinnaker class five or non-spinnaker class six.
All cruiser classes must display their class flag  on the backstay making sure it is clearly visible.
Day Boat classes – as listed in the Notice of Race. Must comply with their class rules.
Dinghy Classes – One designs must comply with their class rules. If you are entering one of the dinghy handicap classes, please ensure that you specify the type of dinghy and the correct sail number. Check that your dinghy is within the PY limit as specified in the Dinghy Notice of Race.
The Burnham Week Office:
The race office is located at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club, opening Saturday 26th at 09.30 till 12.00 Sunday and the rest of the week from 10.00- 12.00
The office will be open from 16h – to 18h for protest forms. The Office will be open from 1400 on Friday 25th August  There will be helpers on hand to assist with any queries.
Navigation – Posts mark breaches in the seawall and entrances to wetlands on the south side of the river – do not sail inside them as there are underwater hazards. Take care on the ebb tide to watch your draft when sailing over Redward flats, you may end up stuck on the mud and it’s a long walk back to Burnham!
Safety – Check the Sailing Instructions for the list of safety requirements.
Make sure you are correctly insured for third party £3,000,000.00 of cover.
Start and Finish Lines – Pile House (PH) do not be confused by the name – it is a committee boat, (not a house!) the description of all start and finish lines is in the Sailing Instructions.                                                                                                                                All courses will be available on the Burnham Week website


Retirement – If you retire from a race for any reason you must inform the Race Officer vhf ch72. Failure to do so could result in a wasted search for a ‘missing’ boat.
Results – These will be published online.
Mooring – Have you organised a mooring or marina berth?
Burnham Yacht Harbour 01621 782150 Rice and Cole 01621 782063
Royal Corinthian Y.C. 01621 782105 Priors 01621 782160
Dinghy Park and camping facilities at the Royal Corinthian Y.C.