The Squib was designed by a local yacht designer Oliver Lee in 1967, so it is appropriate that the Squib continues to be one of the largest fleets entering Burnham Week, year after year.

It is an easily recognised boat on the river with its distinctive tan coloured sails. In 2015 there were 25 entries and similar numbers are expected in 2017. The Burnham Squib Fleet is a welcoming and friendly group both on and off the water. There are some top sailors in the Fleet, with three Burnham boats in the top ten at the 2016 Nationals, resulting in competitive racing over the whole week.

The number of entries ensures close racing through the entire fleet. The Corinthian Otters frequently participate by borrowing parent’s boat or the Fleets own boat, Woody, resulting in a wide range of ages for both crew and helm. In addition there is a full social programme culminating in the prize giving dinner and dance on the final Friday evening which is always lively and well attended.

There are numerous trophies presented for the full week in addition to the weekend and mid week points.