Gig news

Exciting news about the fast approaching Lord Nelson Cup and Trafalgar races.
There is now a £500:00 prize available for the winners of the Lord Nelson Cup.

Sunday 27th August The Lord Nelson Cup

This a one mass start race of 6.2nm
Briefing at 1300 hour  Crouch Yacht Club
Starting at 1400 hours Crouch Yacht Club line

Monday 28th August Trafalgar Day races

Briefing at 1300 hours Royal Burnham Yacht Club
Start 1400 hours Royal Burnham line.There will be four separate races Men’s, Ladies, Mixed and Juniors prises
Prizes for best fancy dress

You can register and pay on line at
Entries cost £3 per seat on the boat (including the coxswain) per boat per race, enter individually please.